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As more and more women enter STEM careers, increasing STEM interest and engagement among girls continues to be a significant focus. Use the resources below to empower students to see themselves changing the world in new ways with at-home resources from Girls Get STEM.

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Moon Observations

Grades K-2

Next time you see the Moon in the night sky, take a moment to observe it as a family. Wrap up your Moon exploration with a discussion about why the Moon has different phases.

Space Suit Designs

Grades 3-5

Today’s space suits are designed for travel to the Moon… but what if an astronaut could travel even farther? Brainstorm then sketch space suit designs for travel to other planets!

Internet Safety

Grades K-2

By sharing how the Internet is used in your home, your child will better understand all the ways the Internet affects everyday life. Work together to create guidelines for staying safe online.

Privacy Matters

Grades 3-5

One key aspect of Internet safety is understanding the difference between private and personal information. Get the whole family involved in an activity that brings this idea to life!

Habitat Protection

Grades K-2

Learn how human land use and pollution are hurting all kinds of habitats. What habitats can you and your child observe in your community – and how can you take action to protect them?

Water Watch Guards

Grades 3-5

No matter where you live, you have an impact on the world’s oceans! Discover your local waterway and challenge kids to explain how their actions affect the local community and the world.

Communicate in Code

Grades 2-5

Develop a secret symbol for every letter of the alphabet and practice creating coded messages with your child to illustrated how code is used to share messages between people, machines, computers, AND robots.

Staying Afloat

Grades 2-5

As a family, build a toy boat out of household materials that will not only float, but will hold as much extra weight as possible. Sourcing and testing materials is one part of the STEM field known as mechanical engineering!

Green Changes

Grades 2-5

The actions we take today will affect our environment tomorrow. Conduct an audit of your home energy and water use to uncover what it means to develop practices that are ‘eco-friendly.’

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