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Teachers! Check out all NEW, standards-aligned STEM Teaser curriculum and accompanying videos below to get students in grades 2-5 engaged in and excited about STEM learning!

Lunar Impact

Who is the Wo(Man) in the Moon? Why might this face appear? Students will investigate what happens on the Moon’s surface — including when meteorites strike — concluding the activity by creating his or her own version of the Wo(Man) in the Moon.

Spacewalk Fashion

With more and more women traveling to outer space, it’s time to make more female spacesuits! Students will explore space suit designs, learning about the functionality of each part and imagining what space suits might look like if redesigned for females.

Pictorial Passwords

Students will explore the basic rules of Internet safety to discuss why it’s important to be safe when online. Students will play a game that leads them to investigating internet safety tips.

Powerful Passwords

Strong passwords are important! Illuminate the qualities behind a secure password while engaging the entire class in an activity in which they secretly create brand new passwords.

Protecting Our Waterways

In this activity, students will investigate the effect they can have on the world’s oceans, no matter where they live. Students will be encouraged to become water’s eyes and ears from their own homes, and the activity will conclude as groups brainstorm ways to protect their local watershed and the oceans of the world!

Marine Habitats

In this activity, students will apply what they learn about an animal’s needs and wants as they create their own marine habitat. They will then create an illustration of their own imaginary marine creature and the habitat (including food, water, and shelter) that it needs to survive.

A Robot Dance

After giving a classmate precise instructions about how to complete a specific task, students will watch a video that explains how programmers code robots. Students will then develop their own code for a robot dance, which they will share with their peers!

Chain Reactions

After exploring the concept of potential and kinetic energy, students will work together to create a storyboard for their own chain reaction. This chain reaction will combine a series of imaginative energy transfers in order to accomplish a specific task.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Students will apply what they learn about waste reduction in order to drive change in their school. Then, students will collaborate to create a classroom campaign that educates their peers about reducing, reusing or recycling and will choose a place to share their message.